Dec 14

Diets for Casting

Singer Jessie J Goes Caffeine Free

jessie j diet

Jessie J has changed her lifestyle to include a healthier diet, without going on an actual diet. The singer has removed caffeine and red meat from her diet, and says she’s never felt healthier. (more…)

Emma Watson is a Qualified Yoga Instructor

emma watson yoga

Emma Watson has become a certified yoga instructor. Between being a A-list actor, the face of several brands and her Ivy League education, it’s pretty impressive that the 23-year-old was able to find time to also become a full-fledged yogini. Continued: Emma Watson’s love of yoga

Kate Hudson’s Fitness Tip: Just Keep Moving

kate hudson fitness

Kate Hudson made jaws drop back in 2003 when she wore that low-back slinky yellow gown in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Ever since then, fans have been wanting to know how she stays in such great shape. The actress says her fitness secret is simple: she just keeps moving.


Heidi Klum’s Fitness Secret: It’s Always Bikini Season

heidi klum diet

Heidi Klum has entered the fitness realm with a new line of workout gear for New Balance. So, of course, everyone wants to know all about the supermodel’s own diet and workout secrets. And she was more than happy to share just that with Glamour. Continued: Heidi Klum’s workout secrets

Cobie Smulders Knows her Fitness Limits

cobie smulders diet

Cobie Smulders is not one of those Hollywood actresses who need to be the fittest, thinnest or most toned gal around. Instead, the How I Met Your Mother Actress has a bit more of a laid-back attitude when it comes to her fitness, but is still able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Continued: Cobie Smulders’ exercise approach

Melissa Joan Hart Lost 40 Pounds With Nutrisystem

melissa joan hart diet

Melissa Joan Hart is sporting a slimmer figure lately, thanks to her recent 40-pound weight loss. After giving birth to her 16-month-old son, she was 60 pounds heavier than her pre-pregnancy weight and was determined to get back in her skinny jeans. Hart lost the first 30 on her own, and lost an additional 40 pounds with the help of meal-delivery service Nutrisystem. Continued: Melissa Joan Hart’s Nutrisystem success

Brooke Burke-Charvet Reveals Diet Secrets

brooke burke diet

Brooke Burke-Charvet is getting into the fitness business with a brand new line of workout gear. It’s no surprise, either, since the former Dancing With The Stars host is all about leading a healthy lifestyle by eating right and getting tons of exercise. Burke recently revealed her own diet and workout secrets to Hollywood Life. Continued: Brooke Burke’s fitness secrets

This Company is Trying to Develop Meat Made From Celebrities

Many people fantasize about meeting their favorite celebrities, perhaps getting an autograph or photo, or maybe even having dinner with them. One company is taking the world’s infatuation with celebrity a bit too far by developing meat made out of Hollywood A-listers. Continued: Celebrity meat

Late Night Fat Jokes: Volume Six. Or Maybe Seven. I’ve Lost Count.

stand-up comic

And possibly a number of former readers.

Regular visitors to CalorieLab are probably familiar with my recurring posts about Late Night Fat Jokes and How They Reflect American Society. I’m sure that some people are skeptical of that whole idea, that the jokes we tell about ourselves and our culture can really teach us anything about either of those things. To those people I offer two bits of evidence that today’s one-liner about our national dining habits can become tomorrow’s actual news item.

Exhibit A: The following gag is from Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue back on November 16, 2012. “Hostess, the company that makes Twinkies, is in big financial trouble right now. Hostess filed for bankruptcy back in January. I don’t understand how this is possible. How are the people who make Zingers and Snowballs losing money? Colorado and Washington just legalized marijuana. If Hostess can’t figure out a way to make money off of that, then maybe they shouldn’t be in the snack cake industry.” Continued: Late-night humor

The Sasha Salad: What Beyonce Eats When She’s Feeling Guilty

beyonce sasha salad

Beyonce is known for a lot of things — singing, dancing, being Jay Z’s wife. But she is also known for her diet habits, which is no surprise since she has one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood. The diva has several secrets to staying healthy, one of which is the Sasha Salad — it’s her go-to meal when she’s feeling a bit guilty for indulging. (more…)

Angelina Jolie Following Ancient Grain Diet

angelina jolie diet

Angelina Jolie is following a new eccentric diet. The actress is reportedly eating foods which consist of ancient grains because she feels the diet is good for her skin, as well as her overall well-being. Continued: Angelina Jolie’s ancient grain diet

Olympian Julie Chu Reveals How the US Hockey Team Prepared for Sochi

Julie Chu olympics

Julie Chu is currently in Sochi competing as part of the U.S. women’s hockey team. She recently revealed how the team prepared for the Olympics, and also shared how others can stay motivated to get healthy in the winter months. Continued: Olympic training secrets

‘The Biggest Loser’s’ Rachel Frederickson Shares Fitness Secrets

rachel frederickson the biggest loser

Rachel Frederickson is perhaps The Biggest Loser’s most talked about contestant. After leaving the show three months ago, she returned for the finale after shedding an additional 45 pounds, making her 155 pounds lighter than when she began the show. Now, at 5’5″ tall and weighing 105 pounds, the 24-year-old has stirred up some controversy over whether her new weight is healthy. Continued: Rachel Frederickson’s astounding weight loss

Actress Anna Chlumsky Reveals Pregnancy Weight Loss Secrets

Anna Chlumsky weight loss

Anna Chlumsky gave birth to her daughter just six months ago, and everyone has been wanting to know how the “Veep” actress lost her baby weight so quickly. Chlumsky said it was quite simple — she exercised. Continued: Anna Chlumsky’s no-nonsense post-baby diet

Zac Efron Was Forced on a Liquid Diet After Breaking his Jaw

zac efron liquid diet

Zac Efron has been sporting a slightly leaner figure while promoting his latest flick, “The Awkward Moment.” The actor revealed he was forced to go on a liquid diet after breaking his jaw back in November. Continued: Zac Efron’s diet

Matthew McConaughey Reveals Grueling ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Diet

matthew mcconaughey dallas buyers club diet

Matthew McConaughey has a lot to celebrate this awards season. His starring role in “Dallas Buyers Club” has garnered him a lot of recognition, but preparing for the role wasn’t easy. The actor revealed just how hard it was to lose the more than 40 pounds the role required. Continued: Matthew McConaughey weight loss

Jillian Michaels Ramps Up Workout Routine for 40th Birthday

jillian michaels workout routine

Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels, best known for her tough-love tactics on “The Biggest Loser,” is about to turn 40 years old. But Michaels says she wants to ring in the milestone by getting in even better shape than she is currently. Continued: Text goes here

A Few Words of Wisdom From Iron Mike Tyson

And if you think he’s nuts, YOU tell him

mike tyson

There are certain individuals whom I could not imagine holding up as a “words to live by” role model for persons hoping to adopt a more healthy lifestyle. Keith Richards comes to mind. So do Chris Christie, Lindsey Lohan, and Charlie Sheen. Until very recently, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson would have been on that list. Then I read a commentary written by him that recently appeared in the New York Times, which probably never imagined it would be running Mike Tyson on its op-ed page.He was writing on the subject of addiction, and how he had been grappling with it for years, sometimes winning, sometimes losing, and still going at it. I found his thoughts surprisingly insightful and reasoned. I decided to pass on a few of them in this post. Tyson is talking about booze and drugs, but almost every single one of us has one or more unhealthy habits that we would feel better about ourselves without. Perhaps some of his observations will fortify our desire, or even our ability, to ditch those habits. Continued: Beating addiction and unhealthy habits

Model Marisa Miller Says Motherhood Changed her Fitness Plan

Marisa Miller is the mom to 13-month-old Gavin Lee. She recently revealed that she didn’t worry much about the 32 pounds she gained during her pregnancy, and she has continued to have more of a laid-back approach to her fitness ever since. Continued: Marisa Miller’s new-mom fitness regimen

Debra Messing Goes on Strict Diet to Prepare for Broadway Debut

debra messing diet

Debra Messing is getting ready to make her Broadway debut later this month, and she has put herself on a fairly strict diet to help herself prepare. Continued: Debra Messing’s diet

The Joke’s on Chris Christie

chris christie

Still. It’s just expanded beyond the he’s-so-fat level.

The last thing a fat person wants in the world is for others to draw attention to his or her fatness by criticizing it. Actually, that might be the next-to-last thing, the very last thing being for others to publicly make jokes about his or her fatness. Or so I always assumed. I certainly thought that was the case with regard to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. That’s because I assumed that his conspicuous overweight would hurt him, or at least his possible run for the presidency, in two ways.

First, because it raised questions about his character. Many people associate fatness with certain liabilities of character, such as greed and gluttony and poor self-control. Do we really want a guy who can’t restrain his own appetite to be in charge of the NSA and the IRS and our nuclear arsenal? And second — and arguably even more important — it exposed him to ridicule in the form of fat jokes, thus by definition making him look ridiculous.

Appearing to be a buffoon is as reliable a presidential campaign-killer as you could find this side of bestiality. (See: Trump, Biden, Gingrich, Rick Perry, And Christie was simply being showered with fat jokes, especially in the nightly talk show monologues. A mere sample: Continued: Late-night talk show hosts lampoon Gov. Christie

Christina Aguilera Reveals Diet Secrets After Slamming Reports of Liposuction

Christina Aguilera is slamming reports that she used liposuction to lose weight. Sources close to the “Voice” coach are coming to her aid to say that her 35-pound weight loss was the result of a new diet and exercise regimen. Continued: Christina Aguilera’s slimdown secrets

Snooki Sued Over Diet Pills Endorsement

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi is being sued because of her endorsement with Zantrex diet pills. The suit sites that the reality star’s claims about the pills are false. Continued: The pitfalls of celebrity endorsements

Gordon Ramsay Joins the Swedish Chef in a Muppet Cook-Off

Gordon Ramsay and Swedish Chef food truck cook-off

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay put his culinary skills to the test in the ultimate cook-off against the Muppets’ one and only Swedish Chef. Continued: Ramsay vs. Swedish Chef

Evangeline Lilly Treated Depression with Organic Diet

evangeline lilly diet

Evangeline Lilly suffered from clinical depression for many years before deciding to take matters into her own hands. The actress decided to treat her mental health issues by changing her diet. Continued: Evangeline Lilly’s depression-fighting diet

Jessica Simpson’s 3-Phase Post Pregnancy Diet

jessica simpson diet

Jessica Simpson had her son Ace in June, and already seems to have lost quite a bit of her baby weight. As a Weight Watchers spokesperson, Simpson has been following a diet that includes five meals a day which focus on protein and fiber. Continued: Her smoothie secret

Kellan Lutz’s ‘Hercules Diet’ Included a Lot of Chocolate

kellan lutz hercules diet

Kellan Lutz had to bulk up for his role as Hercules in the upcoming movie, Hercules: The Legend Begins. The actor said he wanted to gain weight, so he began a rigorous training schedule and ate a whole lot of chocolate. Continued: Role-inspired weight gain

I Am Just a Liberally Educated Man: Reflections on My Meeting R. Buckminster Fuller

Contributor: “Dr. J”
Dr. J offers his irreverent, slightly irrelevant, but possibly useful opinions on health and fitness. A Florida surgeon and fitness freak with a black belt in karate, he runs 50 miles a week and flies a Cherokee Arrow 200.

With the approaching season of Thanksgiving I was reflecting with gratitude on the people who have most influenced my pathway in life. Perhaps nothing affected me as much as my meeting R. Buckminster Fuller!

I had first heard of “Bucky” in college, when by chance I read one of his books, “I Seem To Be A Verb.” He chose that title because he felt he lived life not as a noun, a thing, but as an action, a verb!

As fate would have it, I learned that Bucky was to speak at another school in the same state where I was, so I decided to drive there and attend his lecture. Arriving at this college, I found myself in a small auditorium of about 250 curious people of all ages waiting to see what this Buckminster Fuller person was all about. It was a time of skeptics and little trust for people over 30 in our world. Continued: Dr. J meets R. Buckminster Fuller

Miranda Lambert Reveals Her Weight-Loss Plan

miranda lambert weight loss

Country singer Miranda Lambert recently lost 25 pounds by simply giving up junk food and picking up a new workout routine that involves cardio and circuit training. Lambert recently turned 30 and wanted to do so with a healthy new outlook. Continued: Miranda Lambert’s healthy habits

Carrie Underwood Shares Her Diet Secrets

carrie underwood

Carrie Underwood looked fabulous during her recent gig as host of the 2013 Country Music Awards. The singer also covers the November 2013 issue of Redbook Magazine, where she shares her own diet secrets. Continued: Carrie’s diet secrets

Supermodel Adriana Lima Shares Diet Secrets

Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima is sharing a few of the diet secrets that keep her in such great shape. Lima says her daily diet includes protein along with a bit of carbohydrates and vegetables.

Of course, no successful meal plan is complete without a good exercise plan. She trains with professionals in Miami and New York and loves boxing. Continued: Supermodel diet secrets

Chris Christie Comes Out of the Closet

chris christie

Probably got tired of feeling cramped in there

What New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did last Tuesday by going public with his lap-band surgery was sort of the fat celebrity’s version of coming out of the closet. For the gay celebrity, that has always meant admitting that his or her sexual preference is for persons of his or her own gender, that he or she was born and will die that way, and let the chips fall where they may. It used to be an act of some courage and considerable principle, but homophobia has fortunately become more of a lingering annoyance than a threat to one’s career or relationships, and has done so at a remarkable pace lately.

By contrast, there is no “admitting” when it comes to fatness, your physical weight and shape being on full display. The “coming forth with the truth” aspect to Christie’s announcement is that it said something strikingly honest for a politician in a position of leadership with possibly higher ambitions. It said, “I am unable to master my own weakness and impulsiveness in a manner that threatens my health and longevity. I have therefore elected to resort to a device to restrict my own behavior.”

Christie’s explanation for the surgery was worded differently, of course: He loved his wife and children and wanted to ensure that he would be able to continue to do so for as long as possible. His doctor, as he neared his 50th birthday, had compared his weight to a terminal cancer that could be effectively cured in an hour or so on an operating table. Christie made the only decision a normal, sane human would make. What makes the decision significant is that it was made by a lifelong politician, a career choice that many of us believe no normal, sane human would make.

By admitting personal weakness and fallibility, a bone his opponents in both parties will fall upon like hyenas, he has left himself exposed to an entire line of criticism and even derision. Indeed, that has already begun. Here are some excerpts from the late night TV monologues just a few hours after his announcement. Continued: Late-night monologues and the implications on Christie’s future in politics

Rex Reed, Melissa McCarthy, Fat Acceptance, and Backlash Fury

This movie has it all, folks

Not long ago I posted a commentary here about the Fat Acceptance movement, and whether it was making progress. My observation was that while it had made great strides in some areas, such as portrayals in the media, in the area of individual anti-fat prejudice the movement seemed to be spinning its wheels, making its net gain overall hard to calculate. Had I known what movie critic Rex Reed was about to write in a review of a film called “Identity Thief,” I would have held off, rubbing my hands with anticipation. Because Reed’s review hammered home my point regarding our mixed feelings, as a society, about obesity.

The way Reed described the movie, you’d think it had run over his dog. It was a “chunk of junk” with a “trashy, stupefying screenplay” that was composed of “contrived drivel some people may mistake for plot.” Of the movie’s co-stars, Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, the problem certainly wasn’t Bateman, about whom Reed wondered, “How did an actor so charming, talented, attractive and versatile get stuck in so much dreck?” No, the blame for this disaster lay with McCarthy. And it evidently wasn’t the quality of her performance, which he never discussed. It was just her presence. More specifically, the size of her presence. Continued: Rex Reed and Melissa McCarthy

Victoria Beckham Follows the Alkaline Diet

alkaline diet

Everyone wants to know about the alkaline diet, all thanks to one little tweet from Victoria Beckham. The fashion icon says she loves the Honestly Healthy Cookbook, which provides recipes that help people change their pH levels to reduce the acidity in their bodies.

“Love this healthy eating cookbook,” Beckham tweeted last month, alongside an image of the book’s cover. Continued: The alkaline diet

Unsafe At No Speed: Ralph Nader Takes On America’s Lack of Physical Activity

Contributor: “Dr. J”
Dr. J offers his irreverent, slightly irrelevant, but possibly useful opinions on health and fitness. A Florida surgeon and fitness freak with a black belt in karate, he runs 50 miles a week and flies a Cherokee Arrow 200.

ralph nader

Years ago, Ralph Nader wrote the classic expose’ “Unsafe At Any Speed,” revealing the inherent dangers of automobile designs at the time. This information led to many safety changes, such as seatbelts, that are now standard features in our automobiles.

It seems that our polemic consumer advocate is taking on a new area this holiday season, where the consumer is unsafe because of no speed, the lack of physical activity in our lives! Continued: Ralph Nader on physical activity

Is Chris Christie Too Fat for the White House?

Alas, We’re Laughing At Him, Not With Him

Chris Christie

Time magazine recently published its “2012 Presidential Election Wrap-Up” issue, and just to be sadistic, it devoted a dozen pages to the most likely candidates for the office in 2016, the race having apparently already started. One of the most intriguing was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. On the upside, he’s popular, candid, and has compiled a fairly solid record as governor. On the downside, pundits are already asking pointed questions. Such as, “Will his notoriously quick and barbed tongue get him in hot water?” And, “Can the right wing base forgive his embrace of Obama after Hurricane Sandy?”

But there’s another question they don’t seem to be asking, one which I think is extremely relevant: Is he just too fat to be elected? That’s a highly insensitive and politically incorrect question, of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a vital one. For one thing, we haven’t elected an overweight candidate to the presidency since William Howard Taft, 104 years ago. Even Clinton was fairly trim when he was still campaigning; it took White House food to round him out. But Christie’s real problem isn’t just his weight. His problem is that it is absolutely essential for a political candidate to define himself or herself for the public, and Christie is already being defined.

He’s being defined roughly every three nights by one or more TV monologists. He’s being defined as the current designated object of “fat” jokes. He’s becoming a national fat joke. If you doubt that, here is but a sampler of Chris Christie fat jokes delivered by talk show hosts over the past year. Continued: Chris Christie fat jokes

The Problem With the Dean Ornish Diet

Dean Ornish

It May Be Too Good For Its Own Good

Dean Ornish is a professor of medicine at the University of California at San Francisco and a noted wholesome lifestyle advocate and entrepreneur whose Dean Ornish Diet has helped elevate him to the level of either guru or celebrity, depending on how seriously you take him. Studies in the 1980s and 90s established that if you did take him seriously, in the sense that you followed his healthy lifestyle regimen religiously and permanently, many health benefits would accrue unto you, the most striking being not just the halting but the actual reversal of the symptoms of coronary artery disease, which kills off an imposingly large number of us.

I bring up Dr. Ornish because of an opinion piece he wrote recently in the Sunday New York Times. The starting point of the article was that while losing weight is a good idea for most of us, there are better ways and worse ways to go about it. This is no surprise to anyone even remotely familiar with such eating disorders as anorexia and bulimia, but it is a handy set-up for the rest of the piece, which largely functions as a press release on behalf of his program. Continued: The Dean Ornish diet

Food Addicts Rejoice: At Least You’re Not Power Junkies

capitol building

What We Need is a Twelve-Step Program for Public Officeholders

Right about now, if we, meaning the American public, were asked our opinion of professional politicians, most of us would come up with some variation on, “I wish we could ship every one of the [your favorite vulgarity here]s off to Syria.” Survey after survey finds that Congress is only slightly more popular than rabies. The presidency will be won by the candidate who is feared and detested by fewer people than the other guy. In these and other ways, “public officeholder” is a lousy job. For openers, consider the company you have to keep. Beyond that, it’s certainly a physically unhealthy occupation. All that mingling with crowds and shaking the hands of strangers, it’s a bacterial minefield. And then there’s your diet.

The fact that you’re endlessly running for re-election or elevation to some political office — from governor or Congressperson down to alderman or zoning commissioner — means you’ll be required to enthusiastically participate in an endless promenade of potluck dinners, banquets, coffee-and-doughnut socials, union picnics, $500-per-plate fundraisers, service club waffle feeds and other events that invariably involve a modest number of registered voters and a great quantity of resoundingly unhealthy food. You will be obligated to sample a lot of cuisine, nutritionally catastrophic or not, lest you risk offending whomever prepared it. And that doesn’t count the meet-and-mingle photo op drop-ins at coffee shops, diners, truck stops, food carts and the like. The upside: as an elected official, you’ll enjoy the finest health plan that public money can buy. The downside: you’ll probably need it. Continued: Why people pursue political careers in the first place

Lessons From Rosie O’Donnell’s Heart Attack

Contributor: “Dr. J”
Dr. J offers his irreverent, slightly irrelevant, but possibly useful opinions on health and fitness. A Florida surgeon and fitness freak with a black belt in karate, he runs 50 miles a week and flies a Cherokee Arrow 200.

rosie o'donnell

I can’t say I was actually surprised by Rosie O’Donnell’s recently reported heart attack, because as a doctor, it seemed obvious to me that something would happen to her, probably sooner than later, but I did regret hearing about it, as I’ve found her an interesting celebrity over the years.

As the news broke in the national media, the dominant lesson presented for women was to learn the symptoms of a heart attack so that women would be prepared in the event that this was happening to them. Here are some warning signs of a heart attack courtesy of the American Heart Association. Continued: Heart attack signs in women